Our Approach

There's no such thing as "not ready" for the Conroe Cardio Crew. If you can't jog one lap around the track - we've got your back. If you're a BQ-er, come on! Everything we do is focused on making ourselves a little better than yesterday.


Meet the Family

The Conroe Cardio Crew is just like any other family. We push each other to be better, we hold each other accountable, we get mad at each other and we support each other unconditionally.


Chris McIntosh

Certified Personal Trainer - NASM

Certified Group Fitness Instructor - AFAA

Chris started the Conroe Cardio Crew and Physisync in 2012 as a way to get his family together for some fitness activities. It has since blossomed into a way of life for what is now a very extended family. His apporach is to welcome everyone, provide an outline for fitness and push you to push yourself.


Just a Few of Us

Bunch of the regulars ...

You'll see these Conroe Cardio Crew-ers pretty regularly. Kelly Jo, Kemi, Tisha, John, Misti, Chris and Nathan all lead the charge.